Plans are forged, our joints are strengthened.

Our Rainbow Six roster is in full progress of practicing for upcoming tournaments, leagues, and events.

Yesterday our last missing part entered the roster, by the face of ‘KingpiN’, a UK based player. Together with ‘RefleX’ and ‘Kipper’, we have a strong representation in the UK region. Our roster also includes ‘Orphan’, our german IGL, which so far has shown great leadership both in-game and outside the game, tweaking the team’s plans and movements. And as final, our Finnish addition ‘Dx2’ has lots of competitive experience from a great number of games.

ProZium ESPORTS are looking for an experienced Team Manager/Coach. Visit JOBS for more information about this position.

Our plans for the summer of 2020 is to keep the intensity up. We are also negotiating with a couple of interesting leagues for autumn 2020.

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